Lake Fork

October 07, 2006 at 8:10 am

It Seems I've hardly been riding this year. Basically the Fathers and Sons was my only ride the whole summer. I rode a bit on the first of October with Sam, Just up in the canyon. You can see some pictures here. So when Jed said they were gonna take the rhino's up Lake Fork I got really excited. I haven't been there in forever.

We ended up only taking Jeds rhino. Sam took byrons rancher instead of his six-wheeler and Jim ended up coming. Natalie and I rode on Joes Brute Force. Katie also came with her boyfriend on thier rancher.

I love Lake Fork. It is such a great place to ride. It is pretty, there are ruts and hills and rocks and puddles and rivers and everything fun to ride in on a big 4x4. Nat and I planned on getting wet and muddy so we hit just about every puddle. It was a blast. My fingers did start to get cold towards the end of the day, but there were no other negative side effects of the water.

Jed seemed to have tons of fun on his rhino. They went thru some ruts and had the think almost completely sideways. Same would go back and stand on the side to keep them from tipping over. Once they tried a rut with the lockers engaged, but they just evened out and drove out of the rut, so they decided to wheel drive was best. What's the fun if there is no challenge?

I was a little dissappointed because Joes quad kept overheating on us. We decided when we got home that it didn't have enough coolant. I forget quads are liquid cooled nowadays, so I didn't think to check it. I just stopped every time the light went on and let it cool off a bit before going again.

Nothing too amazing happened, it was just plain old fun. I'm not sure I'll get to make it up there again this year, but whether It's this year or next I can't wait to go to Lake Fork again.

Posted by Mike