Little Moab ATV Trail Review Feb 2012

February 24, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Little Moab

Little Moab

The ATV Cowboys headed to Little Moab on Presidents day and had a blast. Just like last years Video Cast we wanted to take advantage of some winter riding without having to deal with tons of snow so Little Moab was the perfect choice. My brother in-law Mike... yes another Mike in the family and I took the Grizzly and the Brute Force out for some winter fun.

It snowed Sunday evening leaving us with around two to six inches of snow to play with which really added to the trip. The snow was the perfect amount to make the steep dirt trails a bigger Challenge to climb. In several of the narrow canyon trails the increased depth of snow made forging through the powder a blast as we flew down trails and slid around corners.

We spent a large part of the day exploring a few trails I had never gone down that went for miles, most of which ended in dead ends leaving us with some fun maneuvering to get turned around to head back. Several of the trails are being cut and added to so it was fun to travel across some areas that are not complete trails, One of the ravines had a nasty little rock section that is not only fun but once it has been fully developed I believe will connect to the primary trail leading to mount Baldy. Little Moab

I had to take Mike over to the actual Little Moab rock formations where we spotted each other and used the ATVs narrow wheel base to our advantage and climbed a few rock sections that would be difficult for a Jeep or Crawler. However most of the course is not suited for ATVs because of their short and narrow wheelbase. Be sure to use a spotter so you do not end up ruining a trip with a rolled quad.

Never been to Little Moab? You should check it out directions here. What is your favorite thing about Little Moab? Please sound off in the comments section!

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