Long Hollow

June 18, 2007 at 10:06 am

John, Sam, Bruce and I went to long hollow on saturday. Long Hollow is the other side of Monks Hollow. It is a tougher route, but a little closer to the highway. I was the only quad, I need to get some more people to represent.

We had a blast. Bruce's tires were a little over inflated, so he had trouble staying on the trail at first. But after we figured out the problem he started to have fun. We didn't ride too far, just up the main trail to the summit, and up a few side trials. It was very cool that time of day (we got there around 7:00 am), which was a nice break from the 100° weather we've been having.

The only bad part about the trip was the cows. There were cows all over the trail. And since it is a pretty tight canyon, instead of getting off the trail when you came up on them, they just ran up the trail in front of you. Taking their time I might add. After you finally got past them, you'd realize they left you a present. My fenders are covered in cow crap. And I got a fair amount on my jersey as well. The road was narrow enough that I couldn't get around ever pie, and since they were fresh they spray all over. The Z isn't know for having super fenders. Stupid cows.

We only had one roll that I know of. Sam took Bruce's bike up a really steep hill and when he got to the top he snagged a rock, put his leg down to catch himself, and realized it was the downhill side. The bike went down on his side and stopped. One good thing about bikes is that it didn't keep going down the mountain. Luckily I don't think anything was hurt but his pride.

There was one little muddy section I found that I wish i'd had a 4x4 for. It was a steep ravine filled with rocks and mud. I got high centered about 50 times, but working it back and forth, reversing several times, and picking just about every possible path, I was able to conquer the muddy hill! Man I love quads. If I end up getting a 4x4, I'm gonna have to find that mud hole again because I think it would be a nice place to test clearance and 4WD.

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