Long Hollow Ride

May 20, 2008 at 7:05 am

We decided that it was time to go and ride Long Hollow up Spanish Fork Canyon. I don't know who's idea it was to get up and 5:15 am to ride but we got up anyhow! We met Jim in Covered Bridge and loaded up his quad. We waited for Rich, and Jake to show up because they forgot to get gas which turned out awesome because Jim was out of gas.

We arrived at our destination, unloaded and watched some dude get out of his VW bug that he was sleeping in. I think he was pissed at us because we probably woke him up. We headed up the trail one by one. We were met with the cool mountain air, but we went fast enough to numb our hands. Once we got up on top the layers of clothing started to come off. It was really sunny and the switch backs got your blood running a bit. After a short break we raced towards our final destination (Teat Mtn).

We started on the trail that is considered a black on the trail rating system. This trail was pretty knarly on a bike but short work on a ATV. On the steep rocky switch backs caused some concern, I think this is the only time I have heard Jake complain of spinning out (hinting that his bike maybe was too powerful!). We crested the ridge and rode for a bit and came to a huge drift. Mike decided to ride his griz over it to see if this was just check out the pics one of the road blocks. I rode my bike around and down this really steep hill. But we should have listened to rich.

Teat Mountain Drift A few corners down from the first snow bank was a downed tree and more snow. We decided to turn back but now we had to get my bike and Mike's griz up the snow bank. I knocked out a ledge for my bike tires, and Mike helped me push it up the steep drift. We then had Jim film Mike, Rich, Jake, and I attempt to help push the Griz up the snow drift. I thought we would have to give it a few try's but I was wrong we were able to push him up the bank on the first try. Since our road was blocked we went back down the trail and road to Monks Hollow which ends up in a parking lot up Diamond Fork.

We cruised down the trail and arrived at the Parking lot were we took a break. The whole time we were riding Mikes tire was losing air, and it was showing when we stopped at Monks. We headed back up the trail towards the trucks, stopped a few times to enjoy the beautiful scenery. When we got back to the truck Mikes tire had 0 psi in it! Radial Maxxis tires are awsome. All in all it was a awesome trip that was well needed. but Next time we will get up at 4:30 am

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