Mikes Birthday Dune Trip (07/06/07)

July 08, 2007 at 11:07 pm

We got loaded up on Thursday and left the office by 5:15. Natalie and Megan were iffy up until the time we left, and neither ended up coming. Our crew ended up being Jim, Jed, Sam, Mike, Richard, and Jen and Christi (sp?) friends of Jed and Richard.

Counting gas and getting everyone loaded we left Spanish by about 6:15. Not bad compared to how long we usually take. About half way to the dunes we realized Jed who was gonna be an hour late had all the keys in his glove box. Ugh. Luckily this wasn't some kind of foreshadowing of the rest of the trip.

Once Jed arrived we hit the dunes. The girls didn't feel comfortable driving so they doubled with Jed and Richard. We found some pretty good jumps, and being this late in the day the weather was pretty good. Probably high 80's. We found a few cool jumps. I found a fun little step up but the camera wasn't around for it. Sam found a gap that looked way scarier than it ended up being. And we found one pretty nice jump that we all hit like 50 times, although we only got a few pictures and clips of it.

Once it got dark we loaded the quads in the trailer and headed over to sand mountain. With all our stock 400's sand mountain doesn't really excite me that much. But we had Byron's YFZ and Jims raptor so we decided we had to try em out. Besides, what else are you gonna do in the dark?

The mountain ended up being a more fun than I expected it to be. Don't get me wrong I won't be camping there anytime soon, but it was a fun night trip. We did a few drags with each other, and some kids from cedar city hooked up with us for a while as well. In our group the YFZ was the fastest. But the kid from cedar had a TRX450R that stomped us. Really most of the people who camped there could stomp us. Which brings me back to my reason for not loving sand mountain. If you don't have a built machine, driving up the hill maxxed out in second gear isn't all that exciting.

After riding an hour or two at the mountain we headed home for bed. I should comment on the crowds. There were none. When we got to White Sands and didn't see a soul. Usually we just look for the first empty spot to pick a camp spot. This time we actually had options and hardly knew what to do with ourselves. We only saw maybe 15 riders at White Sands the whole trip. And even though there were more rigs than that at the mountain, when we were there we probably only saw 15 guys riding.

We got up with the light, and were riding by 5:30am. The weather was great. High 60's. Early on we found a pretty awesome gap. Sam and I hit it several times before the runway got too messed up. We also found the jump where we got our nice group shot at last time. It wasn't wide enough anymore to get another group shot, but we got a few cool train shots.

Now the part I've been dying to type. Right next to camp there was a jump I wanted to hit. After we stopped one time for a snack and started to go again I told everyone I should it it. It was a big step up. Everyone said no. Punks. So I said I'd hit it later and we went to ride some more. After an hour I said it was time. Sam was pretty adamant I shouldn't do it. And everyone kinda agreed. But I was sure I could. So I did.

This was the biggest jump I've ever hit. Jim counted 65 feet from launch to landing. And the step was only 10 feet from the landing so it was a good 55 foot gap. After I hit it competitive mode kicked in for Sam and he cleared it also. It was so freaking awesome. We hit some other jumps and did some that were pretty fun but nothing could compare to this one. My head is still in the clouds and I've probably watched the video 100 times already.

All in all I'd say this was the best trip I've ever had. We ended up leaving by 11:00am because it started to get hot. It was high 90's by then. But with our night rides and early departure we probably rode as much or more than we usually do in a day.

Enough talk. Picture and video time. "Click here":http://atvcowboy.com/atvgallery/?g2itemId=10388 for the whole album. "Click here":http://atvcowboy.com/atvgallery/?g2itemId=10852 for the video compilation and "click here":http://atvcowboy.com/atvgallery/?g2_itemId=10390 to see the biggest jump Sam and I have ever hit.

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