More 700XX Ride Reviews

April 11, 2008 at 3:04 pm

Red 700XX

A few more sites have ride reviews out.

ATVScene's review does a good job of laying out all the cool technical things about the 700XX.

ATVRiders review does a better job, in my opinion, of telling how they felt about the actual ride of the 700XX. They also have 2 video's after the review. One interviewing a Honda rider, and the other footage of them riding the XX.

I think both are worth reading. I find it interesting that they totally contradicted each other on several points. ATVRider felt it was the fastest quad they'd ever ridden, while ATVScene felt it was slower than the raptor. In the video interview the Honda rider said it was awesome in the whoops, while ATVScene complained about how it handled whoops. I guess a shootout will help settle those points. It's hard to say how good something is when you don't have anything on hand to compare it with.

Both agreed it would make an awesome desert racer. They both also complained about low end power, which they figure an aftermarket CDI will fix.

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