Sand Hollow Spring 2008

March 18, 2008 at 11:03 am

Last weekend I went to visit my parents in St. George and we brought along the quads for a short trip to Sand Hollow.

I forgot the camera again. I really can't believe I did. I went through a ton of effort making sure we got the camera to St. George, and that it had fresh batteries and enough room on the memory stick. Then I left it on the kitchen counter at the condo. Ugh. We managed to get a few videos with Jared's phone, but I expect the quality will make YouTube look like HD.

Our group of six consisted of my brothers, my brother in law, and myself. Ken rode my Grizzly 700. Joe rode his Brute Force 650i. Jason and Ben rode our uncles Raptor 700's. Jared rode my dads 400ex and I rode my z400. StGeorgeRig

The dunes in Sand Hollow aren't set up like they are in Little Sahara. From the launching area you look north into the lake, and south into a long hill of red sand. After the hill are some sand trails thru the red rock that always go longer than I expect them to, and then you get to the real dunes.

Forgetting the camera should have been a sign that things weren't going to go perfectly that day. At the top of the big hill on one of its dunes, and before the sand trails Keni flipped the Griz. He came over the hill a little too fast and the came over to 2 different transitions. One tire was on a steeper hill than the other and with his speed he couldn't maintain control. He hit the sand pretty hard, got back up to right the quad, then fell to his knees and blacked out for a few seconds. Joe was there to help him, and after a few minutes they got moving again.

We barely got through the sand trails when we noticed Keni had a flat. He and Joe went back to the trucks to try to pump it up, but it was no good. I think it is just off the bead and the dinky little pump they had didn't have enough power to push it back on, but I haven't had time to really look at it yet. We did have 2 trucks so they loaded the quads on the trailer and headed home.

After they left things went much better. I didn't have paddles so I did a little rock crawling which was a blast. We found a bunch of nice dunes and we all had fun jumping. Jason didn't jump much, but he enjoyed riding around. Ben was really getting into it, and he really liked the Raptor. We'll have to take him to Little Sahara with us sometime. Jared got to ride the EX and he says he quite likes it. He isn't super happy with how low the seat sits, but says it jumps and rides great.

For my part I loved every second of the trip and was sad when we had to leave. Ben kept trying to get us to go back to the truck but there was always one more dune I had to hit a few times. The Z is still treating me great. I still want to pipe it, but a pipe is pretty low on the priority list right now.

I wish Keni's trip wouldn't have been short and painful, but overall it was a good trip. It's the first time I've ever ridden with all of my brothers, and I hope we can do it again sometime.

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