Spanish Fork Track (05-28-07)

May 29, 2007 at 10:05 am

Well since no one would go riding with me yesterday I went by myself. I got there and the track was empty, which was good because I had forgotten my goggles and dealing with other people's dust probably would have ruined the trip. I forget how rough that track is. There are just a million little bumps everywhere. I got several blisters even with my gloves on, and my back and arms are pretty sore today.

I had a blast though. There are basically 3 good jumps. One is on the north side of the track. You hit a little berm going north which sends you east into the jump. It's basically just a big roundish hill, but you can get some decent air on it. The scary part is if you hit it too fast you can clear it, although i've never quite hit it that fast yet. I did miss the landing to the left a little bit once, which was pretty scary. The second jump isn't big or anything it is just smooth and fun. It is a little double near the entrance.

And the best jump of course is the big one in the middle. You just have to make sure you hit it going south west and not south. If you hit the side that seems like it would be the most natural jump it almost always throws you sideways, and the landing is pretty flat. But if you it it going south west you can get some pretty decent air. I did have it throw me sideways a few times when I hit it on a tad wrong angle. Landing on the front right tire is pretty scary, but I pulled out of it every time I'm sure it helped with the blisters. Most of the time though, it is an awesome landing. I must have hit it over a hundred times, and I was only riding for about an hour.

No pictures since I was alone. Maybe next time I can con someone into going with me. Like I said before, it's not as fun as West Mountain, especially since it is so small. But at 5 minutes away it can be a good quick hour of fun.

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