The Dunes in April

April 25, 2005 at 8:04 am

Wow what a great trip. We had a good turn out. Sam, Sarah, Jed, Katie, Jim, Eric, Joe, Micah, and Me. That trailer of Jed's is awesome. We got 8 Quads in it. And by putting His bike in the back of the truck we were able to carry all the quads and gear in 1 vehicle.

We camped at White Sands like usual; although there were a lot of people so we had to camp clear down the road. It wouldn't have been a great camp spot, but since we slept in the trailer and didn't have a fire, it was pretty much perfect.

There is 1 handy thing about camping in the dunes. There is always some crazy person who wakes up early to ride. So there is no need to set an alarm. Around 7-7:30 there are always a few quads tearing around, to wake everyone up.

Sam and I were in charge of the food which is always a mistake. Jed was in charge of the dishes. We ended up with 1 gallon of milk and some Marshmellow Mateys. The dishes consisted of bowls and cups. Everyone ate their Cereal out of a cup. I think the highlight of our meal time dilema's was when Jed walked up to us around lunch time and said "These things have so much sugar they aren't that bad with just water." Yuck!

We started riding at about 9:00am and after about the second jump I went of kinda sideways and had to bail. Thank heavens for helmets. I ended up w/ a sore left hand and a bruise on my lower back. The quad landed on all 4 and coasted to a halt about 5 feet from me.

We returned around 11:00 to pick up Joe and Katie (they didn't camp over with us, and Jed picked them up at the front so they didn't have to buy a pass. When we got back to camp we found some guy and his 12ish year old daughter and 6ish year old son building a jump right next to our camp. It was pretty cool. The dad and daughter both had z400's and the son had an eTon Viper. It was funny to watch them hit it. They invited us to try it as well and I was very pleased with how impressed they were at how much further I jumped that them =-).

The next few hours we cruised around and found a few good jumps. Jim and Micah wanted to go to sand mountain, so we split up. Much to my dismay we found a huge table top and realized Jim had the camera. The Z Really performed. It has a lot more power than the EX's. I was the only one who had the power and suspension to clear the table. I love being the one who jumps the furthest, even if it is only because I had the toughest quad.

Around 3:00pm we returned to meet up with Jim and Micah, and then Joe, Jed, Sam, Eric and I set off for the Last Hurrah before we closed shop. Amazingly, we found more good jumps in that last hour than we had the whole day. Which was good, because we still had about half a roll of film left.

We wrapped up around 5:00pm. And headed home. Just in time too, it started sprinkling right as we got on the highway towards Eureka.

It was great for me to be able to ride with one of my brothers. Joe loved it. I think he's hooked. I'm excited to take Jared and Jason some time.

You can find pictures here.

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