Trip to the Sand Dunes Saturday April 28th

May 01, 2007 at 9:05 am

Finally the stars aligned and all of the 4 wheeler cowboys were able to go on this trip. It started out to be a huge camping trip. But now that families are the most important it ended up only a few could stay overnight. Jed, Rich and I loaded all of the quads on Friday. Later that day Jed and Rich headed off to the dunes and I headed north to spend the evening with my in-laws. I was about 10:15pm before I arrived at the dunes because of all the things we all forgot to bring. When I arrived Jed and rich told me that they had waited in line for more than 40 minutes at the entrance of the Dunes. So as usual we got the camping spot nobody wanted. The people at camp consisted of our cousin Aaron, his budddy Rick, Katie, and Trent. So we chilled around the camp fire for a while and tried to make things exciting by making a stream of old mixed gas on the dunes and then light it on fire. Lets just say it was very retarded! So we all decided that it was time to retire. Rich and I pumped up my huge air bed and Aaron couldn't seem to understand why I needed to have such a sweet bed for camping (Its the only way to go!). After sleeping for a few hours I woke up in a rage after the sound of a piped fourstroke screamed by our trailer. Some loser was riding at 3:00 am. So needless to say the sleep wasn't as good as it should have been. I was the first to get out of bed (6:30ish). I started the chain of everyone slowly getting out of bed. We ate our healthy breakfeast of cold cereal. By this time the sun was just coming over the mountains (quite the view). I started warming up the bikes and sorting through my gear. We decided that we would go for a quick ride before everyone else showed up (John, Dave, Jim, Doug, and Dan) . I started out riding my CRF250x because the sand still was a little wet from the dew which makes the sand harder and easier to ride on. I was happy when Katie jumped on Mike's decked out TRX400ex. This meant I could switch her when needed (thankyou Katie)! We crested the dunes and found some really good table tops. We rode around a bit, I laid my bike down on one of the big tables which wasn't the scary part. The scary part was that Jed was right behind my and missed me by a prayer. By this time John and Dave were scheduled to arrive so we went back to camp and sure enough Johnny's Duramax was there so we fired up another quad for Dave and John was riding his CRF250x. After a quick ride and rad wreck by Rick on his pit bike. We again headed back to camp. Mike and showed up without Jim because he had left them because they weren't ready to go. We went on another ride this time finding even better jims and so I switched back the mikes 400ex to test out the new upgrades (also I'm not all that good on the bike yet). I tell ya mikes EX rocks. I was able to out jump everyone except Mike, but there were a few times that the EX flew a little better than the Z but most of the time mike was jumping further. Jim, Jed, and Rich were both jumping well also Jed seemed to really like the raptor 700. Rich probably would have out jumped us all but he didnt have paddleson the YFZ450. John was also getting vert with his bike which made me excited. It was Dave and Dan's first time to the dunes and they seemed to enjoy it. But I have to say the Mike's EX is one of the best flying quads I have ever ridden. The shocks are close to being perfect (thanks to the 450R and GT Thunder rebuild). We really found some sweet jumps we had a ton of people so the riding was a little slower but all the riders were awsome so it was way fun also no one was hurt. You will have to check out the pictures.

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