West Mountain Track (04-21-07)

May 09, 2007 at 12:05 am

I've been waiting to write about this trip till I got the pictures up, and I was too lazy to encode all the video for the web. I finally did it today though. There is a compilation video and a few pictures in the gallery.

We had a good time. Jed and Sam were on their bikes and I was on my Z. There are a ton of crappy jumps there, so at first we were kinda disappointed in the place. But if you looked hard enough, you could find some pretty fun jumps. Nothing spectacular, but fun none the less.

There were some pretty steep hills near the track, and one of them turned out to be a pretty fun jump. I think it is the one we got the most video's of. Sam never did it on his bike, but did hit it on my Z.

Jed hit the table top a few times, and said it wasn't nearly as scary or cool as we thought it would be. I was too chicken to hit in on the quad because it had these metal beams poking out the jump and the landing. The bikes could fit between them, but I couldn't really on my quad.

There is a pretty sweet double that I want to try again once I get my shocks upgraded. I'm not positive I can get enough speed, and if you watch about half way thru the video you'll see me not clear it. It is my official nemesis.

Towards the end of the day we found a little jump that had quite the lip for a landing. It took me a while to talk myself into jumping it. And in the end of course, it turned out to be quite an easy jump. Jed and Sam both cleared it. Although the first time Jed did you can barely see in the video him casing it pretty hard.

Not the best place to ride, but not bad either. I'd rate it better than the SF trackthing, but miles behind the dunes. Still, for a short 3 hour or so trip, it was pretty fun.

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