Why I want a KTM

September 11, 2007 at 5:09 pm

For years I've been saying we need more options. Yamaha and Polaris have been dabbling with new options the last few years with their "Special Edition" and "XT" models. However, these special editions while better aren't leaps and bounds better. Some have a few parts like better wheels, albeit all the same wheels. The YFZ SE for 2008 comes in orange and black, powder coated orange frame, metal heel guards, and a black bumper. So by "Special" you are getting a quad very mildly different than the people who bought a stocker, and the same as everyone else who bought a "Special Edition". Performance wise it is identical.

You see what they should be putting in these special editions, is after market parts. Triple rate suspension. Steel braided brake and clutch lines. A nice clutch. Easy maintenance. Nerf bars. Kill switch. MX Race ready width. Nice tires like Razr's or Holeshots.

In my opinion the thing that is happening at Yamaha is they are choosing the cosmetic changes for their special edition that people normally want customized. If you go to the dunes, or to the track, half the people have the same after market shocks, the same wide axle or a-arms. What is different is the powder coat. Maybe some LED's. Everyone All sorts of bumpers. Sticker kits. New plastics. If people wan't to put their own unique touch into a quad to make it different, buying a "Special Edition" isn't going to cut it.

KTM-XC450.small.jpg KTM seems to get it. First off they are offering XC models, with the promise of an MX version next year. They put in nice triple rate shocks, tires that people wont throw away the day they buy the quad. A great Hydraulic clutch. Heavy duty steering stem, handle bars and levers. All the things that most people replace with very similar but better after market stuff.

I hope KTM gets the other manufacturers to take this route as well. There is still a market for regular quads, so they shouldn't go away, but special edition or XT or whatever you call it should really be a lot better. Don't make me buy a stock quad with crappy stock shocks that I have to throw away and replace with expensive after market shocks. I've just wasted a ton of money on the stock shock that could have gone into the ones I wanted in the first place. I think the market for souped up quads from the manufacturer is huge.

For what they are offering you seem to get a much better quad from KTM for only about $1500 more. To get one of the other manufacturers quads to that level you'd have to spend at least $4000 in after market parts. The savings are obvious in my opinion. I can't afford a new quad right now, but if I was in the market I'd be buying a KTM.

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