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West of Eureka (03-17-07)

March 26, 2007

Because Jed's birthday is next month, we decided that any time we want to go camping in the near future we can use that as an excuse. Since it was "for his birthday" Jed picked our location. We headed out past Eureka, but instead of turning south towards the dunes we went west a few miles and found a nice camp spot out in the sand.

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Elberta Dunes

March 25, 2008

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Nutty Putty (02-03-07)

February 04, 2007

So we headed out to the west side of Utah Lake near nutty putty caves and had a blast. We were hoping to have some pictures, but the camera Eric brought had dead batteries. Bummer. Our crew consisted of Me (z400), Sam(CRF250X), Jed(400ex), Jim(Raptor), and Eric(Raptor).

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