Nutty Putty (02-03-07)

February 04, 2007 at 8:02 pm

So we headed out to the west side of Utah Lake near nutty putty caves and had a blast. We were hoping to have some pictures, but the camera Eric brought had dead batteries. Bummer. Our crew consisted of Me (z400), Sam(CRF250X), Jed(400ex), Jim(Raptor), and Eric(Raptor).

This was the first real ride of Jim and Eric's "GYTR Raptors": (Sure they've been ridden at CBC, but in the winter time there aren't many places to go off the road). They are awesome. They are very roomy and the ride is very plush. I love the torque they put out. I like my handlebars better, as they are a little wider and taller. I've really want to ride an outlaw to compare, but of the quads I have ridden, I'd rate it the best sport trail quad out there. Especially for a bigger rider. Once we hit the dunes we'll see how it jumps.

The conditions were pretty good. It was in the mid thirties, which is warmer than its been in a while. There were a few inches of snow on most of the trails which made the riding slow for sam on his motorcycle, but was tons of fun on the quads. We only had a few hours to ride, so we didn't venture very far from the truck. I forget how many trails there are out there.

We ended up spending most of our time jumping out of a few ravines, and hitting a tabletop someone made. The ravines were fun. Didn't make the best jumps, especially since they had flat landings, but still a lot of fun. We also dropped into a few of them. I was still a little hesitant to hit the drops after my crash a few years ago up at CBC. But after Jed dropped a few times I gave it a shot. It was pretty cool, but a little shallow at about 8 to 10 feet. Barely goosing it off the top and I landed my front tires just as it started to get flat. Sadly while we were in the ravines Eric got a flat, ending his ride.

We finished the day hitting the table 20 or 30 times. It had a weird lip that took some getting used to. It basically had a very weak lip, followed by a second lip. So if you didn't give it pre-load on the first lip, you would tap the second. Sam jumped the furthest (on the raptor, it had an Icy as crap entry and a snowing landing so he didn't really try on the bike), and I jumped the highest . We figure the difference was the shocks. Mine are set up a lot stiffer which gave me more pop, and sam just hit it going a lot faster smile

Overall it was an awesome day. The few things I'd change would be no flats, a longer trip, and a camera.

We did try a drag race on the way back to the truck. Jed won on the EX, but we blamed the fact that it was icy, and Jim and I suck at dragging. We'll give em a real test when we can find some dry ground.

Posted by Mike